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Vanuatu, the Happy Destination

Let your conscience be your guide in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is fun - you are going to have a good time on your vacation in Vanuatu because the "ni-vanuatu" melanesian people have a happy, welcoming, friendly outlook on life.

Vanuatu - the world's happiest country

Vanuatu was recently selected as the Happiest Nation in the World - and yet, at the same time, the United Nations lists Vanuatu as the poorest, least developed nation on Earth.

Not that everyone in Vanuatu runs around with a big silly grin on their face, and of course not everyone in Vanuatu is happy and content. But the people have a collective personality that you'll appreciate - like meeting a stranger that - for no special reason, you just happen to like.

And this means you will feel personally secure and comfortable even if you decide to fly down to Tanna and go to very remote, isolated villages deep in the mountains. You are, I'm sure, aware of how rare it is to be able to feel secure and safe when exploring remote, isolated mountain villages in our modern world. You'll need to go with a guide, but mostly so you don't embarass everyone by - for example - walking into the woman's bathing area on what you thought was a perfectly lovely little stream.

Making a difference on your Vanuatu vacation

Many visitors leave Vanuatu feeling that they want to come back again and also feeling that somehow they would like to help the Vanuatu people who are so friendly and welcoming but also so poor.

There is something you can do, and it's an important contribution that will benefit you as well as benefit the people of Vanuatu.

Book direct. Deal directly with the manager/owners of the Vanuatu hotels, Vanuatu resorts, and Vanuatu bungalows. If you book through one of the growing number of computer-generated online reservation agences you will contribute to mega-international corporations that are set up to profit from the efforts and investments of the people who will, after all, be your hosts.

Show your hosts your appreciation by paying them directly. In some cases you will be increasing their earnings by 20 to 30%. Tipping is not acceptable in Vanuatu so can't give your hosts a "tip" when you leave. But you can give them your hard-earned vacation dollars and not pass off 20 to 30% to a third party reservation and payment portal.

Some online booking websites say they will save you up to 40%.

Sure. Right.

Just exactly how does that work?

Even if they actually can save you a little money, who do you think is getting hit for the difference?

These are, for the most part, little places run by very nice people who are trying to make ends meet. You're going to like them, and have a good time as their guests. So do the right thing and contact them yourself directly.

You can also have fun exploring the New Caledonia Lagoon virtual reality site.

Plan your Vanuatu Vacation and book direct with Vanuatu Hotels and Vanuatu Resorts

This website - and the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu DVD travel guide - gives you the information you need to plan your holiday in Vanuatu and then directly contact the owners and managers of the Vanuatu hotels, resorts and bungalows by email or phone.

It's the happy, friendly, personal way to holiday.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu travel guide on DVD - is kind of like Google Earth but goes much further - allowing you to zoom from the satellite image Vanuatu maps right down to look at the hotels and resorts up close, even going into the rooms of the Vanuatu hotels and resorts for virtual tours.

We can't put the whole program online because it's just too big. Many of the Vanuatu hotel virtual reality files are over 20MB in size.

While we know that download speeds are increasing rapidly in many countries of the world - and could handle files this size - uploading and maintaining big files (or even looking at them on line) from out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean isn't practical yet.

Still, we hope to give you a taste of the actual Rocket Guide to Vanuatu here on this website and provide enough information so you can plan your Vanuatu Vacation on line.

If you DO have a really good Internet connection, you can download the entire Rocket Guide to Vanuatu and be able to do a better job planning your vacation and see those big full screen images and 360° panoramas.

Or, if you could possibly wait a week or two for the mail to deliver our Vanuatu tourism guide on DVD - you only have to pay an additional small fee for handling and air mail postage).

Order the Rocket Guide To Vanuatu to plan your holiday in Vanuatu

Download your copy of the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu right now:

Download a copy of the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu for 29.95 (and no handling or mailing charge). NOTE: If you are looking for the NAUTICAL Guide to Vanuatu click here.

This is a big file (more than 500MB) so you MUST use a download manager, like (free) so if something interrupts the download it will resume again where it left off. It will also download 4 times faster.

The link is only valid for 48hrs so be sure to be ready to download when you make the payment. Don't forget to install the download manager and use it to download the file.

After payment you will be redirected to a download page with instructions for downloading and installing the guide onto your hard drive.

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Vanuatu Travel GuideOrder the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu on DVD

This is the perfect gift for someone planning to visit Vanuatu. Order the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu on DVD (works on both Windows and Mac) for 29.95 plus 10 handling & air mail to anywhere in the world.

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