Bokissa Private Island Resort Vanuatu

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Bokissa Private Island Resort Beach and Bungalows

From the very start, Dave, his wife Jan and his son Alan had a vision of creating a high quality, private island resort in Vanuatu with as little impact on the rainforest and coral reefs as possible. The concept was to use the best technology available to build and maintain a small bubble of humanity surrounded by virgin coral reefs and lush tropical rain forest. They were inspired by the island itself, the first moment they saw it.

Bokissa Island is a rare tropical gem. Only a 20 minute boat ride from Luganville (and an international airport) Bokissa has a virgin rainforest, a white sand beach, clear sea water, good landing area, and a thriving, healthy, living coral reef.

Nobody lives on Bokissa other than the management and staff of the resort and their guests.

Bokissa Island and the surrounding reefs and waters are owned by the villagers who live on the neighboring island of Tutuba. They lease Bokissa to the resort and gave Dave and his family exclusive rights to maintain the entire island and coral reefs and the waters over the coral reefs as a nature reserve and private resort.

Dave, Jan and Alan took extreme environmental precautions because of their deep personal love and respect for the life of the sea and the forest and the people of Vanuatu. No other resort in Vanuatu, and practically none in the entire Pacific Ocean, have demonstrated the level of committment you'll see at Bokissa. It was more expensive than you can imagine and, there is no Vanuatu law, no regulation, no inspectors that made them do all this.


Dave and Jan (sitting on the right in the image to the left) and Alan are private people who like to keep to themselves and enjoy their work. You'll see them every day and in the evening and they will help you with whatever you need. But they are not chatty social type people.

The staff, like the owners, are supportive and maintain the resort facilities to perfection but - like the owners - if you don't particularly seek them out you will probably not even notice they are there.

It goes without saying that people who go to Bokissa are looking for a place to enjoy their privacy and immerse themselves in a dream South Pacific holiday in the embrace of a truly lovely little tropical island with a white sand beach, sparkling clear water, and really beautiful living coral reefs.

The resort enjoys a lot of repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. From time to time famous people (like movie stars or singers) who want some time off from the world show up at Bokissa. There are just 16 Farés and, given enough advance notice, it is possible to reserve the entire facility.

bokissa private island resort romantic dinner

Bokissa Private Island Resort is a place where you are "on your own" but with the facilities to do whatever you like - enjoy a romantic dinner, kayak up a hidden river, picnic on a desert island, loaf in the swimming pool, dive on the President Coolidge, the largest accessible shipwreck in the world, treck through the rain forest, or just laze out the door of your Faré, swing in a hammock under a big old tree overlooking the white sand beach and shimmering blue lagoon, open up a good book, and drift in the calm currents.



Click here to see some really amazing underwater virtual reality sphere images of Bokissa and the Bokissa Coral Reef - there are hotspots hidden in the images that lead to more underwater sphere images. You'll see them if you move your cursor over them (hint, they are located where a diver would swim to next or where the diver came from, in the water just above the reef).