Kaiviti Village Motel, Port Vila Budget Hotel Vanuatu

Kaiviti Village Motel
Kaiviti Village Motel Port Vila Vanuatu

Kaiviti Village Motel has been a feature of Port Vila for many years. Last year the new owner/manager began a major renovation of the rooms and facilities and is working to make Kaiviti Village the SCUBA diving accommodation for Port Vila.

Kaiviti Village Motel is popular with consultants and government people from other Pacific islands who come to Port Vila for government meetings and workshops. The rooms have kitchen facilities and desks with Internet connections and the consultants and workshop participants liked these facilities.

Business people visiting Port Vila also stay here and, from time to time, school groups visiting from other Pacific islands for educational or athletic activities. When musical groups from other Pacific islands come to Port Vila, they often stay here.

Brenton, the new owner/manager, and his family are avid SCUBA divers with a long history of diving in the Pacifific Islands. He invites divers and people who come to Port Vila for game fishing to stay at Kaiviti Village Motel.

His vision is to make Kaiviti the diving headquarters for Vanuatu.

The motel is just a short walking distance from Nautilus Water Sports and the sport fishing wharfs and represents good value for money. There is a swimming pool (good for testing equipment) and equipment storage area.

In addition, Brenton is happy to share his extensive knowledge of diving in Vanuatu and help arrange flights, accommodation and dive trips for divers who want to dive the President Coolidge and other wreck dives of Santo.


Kaiviti Village Motel

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