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Vanuatu Videos

Videograher Luc Callebaut spent more than 3 years taking videos of every part of Vanuatu. You will enjoy great videos of Vanuatu's culture and scenery on Luc's YouTube channel Vanuatu4You.

Click Here for a summary of 97 of Luc's Vanuatu videos with descriptions.

Here is Luc's lead Video, a summary of Vanuatu's charms in 7 minutes:

Vanuatu - A satellite map of all of Vanuatu.

Point to each island to find it's name and a quick summary.

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The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu has full screen, high resolution satelite images and you can zoom from one island to the next just by clicking on the island. This is the most complete tourism guide ever published for Vanuatu. Designed as an educational tool for travel agents it will help you plan your vacation in Vanuatu better than any other resource.

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