Vanuatu Honeymoon Resorts and Hotels

bokissa private island resort honeymoon
Bo-kiss-a Private Island Resort Beach in Espiritu Santo

Vanuatu is a popular honeymoon (and wedding) destination. Where you decide to stay for your romantic holiday depends on your personal preferences.

For socially inclined honeymooners

Iririki Island Resort - and especially the new Snorkellers Cove Resort - is perfect for just about any honeymoon couple. The resorts have a "social" ambiance and if you and your love enjoy meeting new people and socialising this is a top spot to go. The rooms are fully air conditioned, the beauty index of the resort is way up there, great views of the lagoon and, if staying in the new Snorkellers Cove apartments, you can lounge on the verandah in your own private spa and watch the sunset while sipping champagne and listening to the quality stereo from the entertainment centre of your suite. This is the luxury Vanuatu Honeymoon for the socially inclined.

The Sebel Hotel - Just right for those who enjoy western style luxury, the panorama suite of The Sebel Hotel is just the place for a private honeymoon in air conditioned luxury with an impersonal western style hotel right in downtown Port Vila. Try to get a panorama suite on the the southern part of the building. These have the best sunset views and harbour views. The Crystal Restaurant - and the entire hotel - is "good taste" in every sense of the word. They also have a Casino!

For honeymooners who are not interested in anyone else ;-)


Bokissa Private Island Resort - This is the ultimate honeymoon retreat. A private island, far away from the rest of the world, a rainforest festooned with orchids, a long soft white sand beach, giant old beach trees, clear water and excellent snorkelling and diving, swimming pool, all with air conditioned Farés (with a spa in the best honeymoon faré), great food, fine wines, and discreet staff. This is the place to go if you truly want to escape to a tropical island.

Tamanu Beach Club - Cute, French style bungalows that fairly breathe romance (Tamanu has won several honeymoon awards), a long white beach for recouperating in the sunshine, a restaurant that will always be remembered as one of the best dining experiences of your life. It's about a 20 minute drive from Port Vila but who cares? You'll love the quiet, open feeling of this beach environment.

Paradise Cove Resort - about the same distance out of town as Tamanu but in the other direction. Paradise Cove is owned and operated by a young Italian man. Paradise Cove resort has a protected, garden feel to it. The bungalows are private and chic in a modern - art-deco Italian/Melanesian way. Very original and different in flavour any other Vanuatu resort. The Italian food served from the huge circular Melanesian style restaurant is popular with the local residents of Port Vila and there is a small extension next to the lagoon where you can have a romantic candle-lit romantic after watching the sunset. There is a swimming pool, a small beach, kayaks and snorkelling. The owner loves organising romantic dinners overlooking the beach and goes out of his way to be sure that honeymooners are given every consideration so they will remember their Vanuatu honeymoon as the most special vacation of their lives.

Sunset Bungalows is closer to town and has a pool and honeymoon suite overlooking the lagoon and big spa-for-two in the bathroom. Full airconditioning gives Sunset Bungalows an edge over Tamanu or Paradise Cove in the December to April hot season. The resaurant is excellent and also overlooks the lagoon. Not as "isolated and romantic" as Tamanu and Paradise, but very comfortable, modern and the garden swimming pool is a delight.

Erakor Island Resort has waterfront bungalows with spas and there is a large day-spa to keep the lovely lady feeling as lovely and ladylike as possible. The island is off by itself and the spa bungalows are off by themselves so if you and your partner want to cuddle up away from the world and still be close to Port Vila this is a good place to be.


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