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Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts

You can find out more about which hotel or motel suits your needs by ordering the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu vacation planner or by clicking on an island in the satellite map of all of Vanuatu .

The satellite map of Efate allows you to zoom in to the resorts in the area surrounding Port Vila and then to the central business district where you will find the centrally located Port Vila hotels and resorts.

Vanuatu Hotels and Motels

The Sebel hotel vanuatu
The Sebel Hotel in Port Vila Vanuatu (a Western Style Hotel)

Vanuatu has high quality, western style hotels like the Sebel and the Melanesian Hotels in Port Vila and a number of smaller budget hotels like the Olympic Hotel and Kaiviti Motel, Coral Motel and Holiday Motel in Port Vila and Hotel Santo in Santo.

Although all the hotels and motels are happy to have any sort of guest (including children) many of them appeal to particular kinds of travellers. For example, the Melanesian and Hotel Santo are both favored by business travellers who need to be near the town centre and government offices. Kaiviti Motel and Hotel Santo are popular with divers.

Vanuatu Resorts

There are three large Vanuatu resorts in the Port Vila area, Le Lagon Resort Vanuatu, Iririki Island Resort, Snorkellers Cove Resort, and Holiday Inn Resort and Casino Port Vila. These are all fully air conditioned with a complete compliment of holiday resort facilities and activities.

These Vanuatu resorts have separate bungalows as well as accommodation in buildings with several rooms.

All of the large Vanuatu resorts have waterfront bungalows as well as lower cost garden bungalows (also called farés).

Boutique Vanuatu Resorts

What is a "Boutique Resort?" The members of the Vanuatu Hotel and Resort Association named the small Vanuatu resorts boutique resorts as a way of saying that these are not "budget" accommodation or big resorts, but small, comfortable, often deluxe accommodation where guests deal directly with the people who own or manage the resort when staying there.

It's this friendly, personal attention that makes these boutique Vanuatu hotels and resorts extremely popular with visitors. They reflect the small size of the Vanuatu islands and the quiet, unassuming friendly nature of the people of Vanuatu.

These small facilities can't afford to give huge discount specials and most of them have so few rooms that wholesale travel agents are not keen to spend money advertising them. So the owners of the boutique resorts are hoping that more and more people will book directly with them via Internet and email contacts.

The boutique resorts depend on repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. This means two things as far as you - a potential guest - are concerned.

  1. First it means that when you arrive, the owners/management will be welcoming and attentive to your needs.
  2. Second, it means that these hotels ARE popular or they wouldn't be there at all.

Each Boutique Resort has it's own flavour and style that appeals to different people. Architecture, decor, facilities, location, all differ from one resort to another. Usually, this flavour and style reflects the personality, likes and dislikes of the owners themselves.

Some are adult only, some welcome kids, some are honeymooner favorites, some are perfect "retreats" to get away from it all, some have full kitchen facilities, some are melanesian in style while others are completely modern. If you want to pick the right hotel for you, download or order the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu on DVD and you'll be able to pay each of them a virtual visit and make up your mind where to stay with the very best information available.

Vanuatu Budget Accommodation

Vanuatu budget accommodation, or Vanuatu backpacker accommodation varies from excellent quality and facilities to very basic. Coconut Palms Resort, the largest Vanuatu budget accommodation, has a swimming pool, BBQ facilities, both dormitory and single rooms (even some air conditioned rooms).

Some of the boutique resorts, like Erakor Island Resort have a budget dormitory as well as mid-range priced bungalows.

Port Vila, Luganville (Santo), and Lenakel (Tanna) have budget guest houses, some of which are very comfortable and similar to Bed and Breakfast accommodation in other countries.

Vanuatu Adventure Lodges

Vanuatu adventure Lodges are traditional style village bungalows. These range from clean but basic to mid-price range with reasonably sophisticated facilities (like flush toilets and hot showers). Please see the special section on Vanuatu bungalows.

Most of the village bungalows carry no insurance and thus you can't book these through an agent. You have to call them yourself or simply show up. You will pay the bungalow or guest house owner directly in Vatu.

Air Vanuatu Tours will book your air tickets and provide the latest advice on the condition and probable occupancy of the village bungalows. Contact David Dick at Air Vanuatu Tours.

Summary of Hotel Rooms and Resorts in Vanuatu -

In total there are more than 1000 rooms available in Vanuatu, the best way to figure out where to stay in Vanuatu is to get a copy of interactive travel planner to Vanuatu where you'll see high resolution images of the hotels, discover their exact location with satellite and aerial images, and for most of the hotels and resorts you'll be able to enjoy 360 degree panoramas of the inside and outside of every room style.

The goal of this website and of the Rocket Guide to Vanuatu CD Travel guide, is to help you select the resort that meets YOUR personal tastes. While this website can help, The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu program (for Windows or Macintosh) is your very best resource for information on Vanuatu Boutique Hotels and Resorts because it it is fast, to the point, and shows you the Vanuatu accommodation in big images, virtual reality sphere images and 360 panoramas.

We can't put the whole guide on line because the file sizes are large - the whole guide has over a thousand high resolution images and more than 600 screen views of just about every aspect of Vanuatu's hotels, resorts, activities, transport, culture, health concerns, and much more. So, if you want to really select exactly the right place to stay and things to do order the it here (you can download it or order it on DVD).

Directory of Vanuatu Hotels and resorts - click one for more information

Vanuatu travel map

When you click on an island, the view zooms in to a satellite map of that island with a list of the Vanuatu resorts and hotels. Point to the names of the hotels and resorts for a quick summary of what they offer and then click on the names of the Vanuatu resorts and hotels to go to a more detailed presentation.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu has multimedia pages on all these Resorts, with everything you need to know about the resorts, big full page photos, their exact position on a high resolution satelite image, and live email and website links. This is the most complete tourism guide ever published for Vanuatu. Designed as an educational tool for travel agents it will help you plan your vacation in Vanuatu better than any other resource.

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