Vanuatu Restaurants

Vanuatu restaurants suit everyone's taste. The major restaurants are in and around Port Vila and Luganville, often associated with accommodation.

For those who prefer to self-cater many of Vanuatu's hotels and resorts have kitchen facilities and the local produce is inexpensive, organically grown, and fun to shop for in the local market.


Port Vila & Efate Restaurants

Restaurants in Efate Vanuatu have the widest selection of foods including TexMex, Sushi, Korean, Chinese, Italian, French, ni-Vanatu, and standard European fare.

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Breakas Restaurant phone 23670

Coconut Palms Restaurant Phone 23300

Crystals Restaurant Phone 28882

Thai Restaurant phone 22150

Kanpai Japanese Restaurant Phone 26687

Le Cafe du Village phone 27789

Le Lagon Terrace Restaurant Phone 22313

Michener's Restaurant phone 23388

Moos Bar & Grill phone 26800

Paradise Cove Restaurant phone 22701

Retreat Seaside Restaurant and Bar phone 25941

Roxies on the Lagoon phone 26983

7 Seas Brewery Saloon Bar & Restaurant 26670

Sunset Restaurant Phone 29968

The Officers Club at Benjor phone 26078

The Wild Ginger Restaurant Phone 22313

Tamanu Beach Club phone 27279

Tilly's on the Bay phone 27079

Waterfront Bar & Grill phone 23490


Santo Restaurants

Aore Island Resort Restaurant phone 36705

Bokissa Restaurant phone 36913

Coral Quays Restaurant phone 36257

DecoStop Narcosis Restaurant phone 36175

Moyyan House by the Sea phone 55551

Hotel Santo Restaurant phone 36250

Tanna Restaurants

Friendly Bungalows Restaurant phone 26856

Turtle Bay Le Vulcain Restaurant phone 68850

White Grass Ocean Resort Restaurant phone 68688


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