Vanuatu tours and activities

vanuatu tours

Tours in Vanuatu are organised by both large and small tour operators. Several Vanuatu tour operaters are able to help visitors plan their explorations anywhere in the country.

In the outer islands the hotels and resorts often organize tours for their guests. In Espiritu Santo, the inbound operator Wrecks to Rainforests organizes tours and treks to all the best places.




Adventures in Paradise - Phone 678 + 25200

Air Vanuatu Tours - Phone 678 + 23848

Melanesian Tours - Phone 678 + 26847

Unity Airlines Adventure Tours - Phone 678 + 24475

Vanuatu Helicopters - Phone 678+ 44106

Vanuatu Seaplanes - Phone 678 + 42619


Coongoola Tours - Phone 678 + 25020

Epule River Tour - Phone 678 + 22203

Evergreen Tours - Phone 678 + 23050

Lelepa Island Day Tour - Phone 678 + 22714

Meridian Charters - Phone 678 + 43852

Sailaway Cruises - Phone 678 + 25155

Tranquillity Tours - Phone 678 + 25020



Rose Bay Bungalows - Phone 678 + 48602



Bokissa Eco Island Adventure - Phone 678 + 36913

Wrecks to Rainforests - Phone 678 + 37365



Friendly Island Bungalows - Phone 678 + 26856

Fire Island Adventures - Phone 678 + 68688

Tafutuna Cultural Experience - Phone +678 5405 599 or +678 7712 659


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