White Grass Ocean Resort Tanna Island Vanuatu

white grass ocean resort tanna vanuatu
White Grass Ocean Resort, the gardens, Tanna Island Vanuatu

White Grass Ocean Resort is located only a short drive from the White Grass Tanna Airport. The bungalows are Melanesian style, woven from natural materials, but the furnishings are western - hot water showers, comfortable beds, ceiling fans, good lighting.

What sets White Grass Ocean Resort apart from the other resorts in Tanna are the flower gardens and scenic overlooks - and the restaurant. This is one of the most picturesque resorts in Vanuatu and all who stay here are delighted with the ambiance.

There is a small freshwater swimming pool and a beach and natural swimming pool in the fringing coral reef only a short walk from the resort.

White Grass Ocean Resort has several 4 wheel drive safari trucks that will take you on excursions to the custom villages in the mountains of Tanna, to waterfalls and - of course - to meet Yasur, the world's most accessible Volcano.

White Grass Ocean Resort

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